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"Besides the skill of playing the piano, the winning side is also not small.". I have never heard of his skill in playing the piano. The world is so big that it is not necessarily impossible to find someone who is not as good as him in playing the piano. But his new song, although I don't know what new song he has composed, if four or five of the ten songs are as beautiful as the song "Yangguan", then it is absolutely sure to win. Wu Zetian nodded. She had never heard Wang Hua play the song "Yangguan" with her own hands, but she had heard Wang Hua play most of the song "Moonlight Night on the Spring Flowers River". Not only did he play the piano well, but the song was even better. Since Wang Hua dares to say so, he must have some good songs in his hands. The other side has to make ten songs in a short month, this song is not said to be made, there must be inspiration, how many beautiful songs can be handed down from ancient times to the present? "Painting skills.". Similarly, he won a lot, I have seen a few of his paintings, although it can not be said to be the most top-class painting skills, but the painting method is novel, and Wang Painting is competing for this. So he still has the upper hand. "As for chess, I really haven't seen him play any chess with anyone. Is he even very proficient in this?" At this point, Su Jijiu also felt stunned, and then could not help laughing: "No wonder the country old let him all repair, is really all-rounder." When Wu Zetian heard this, she was also happy. Wu Zetian appreciated the talent of this little fellow very much. Do not admit no, even Taiyuan Wang family, Xingyang Zheng family, now do not admit no, although they only open the corner door. But if his chess skills are the same as his piano skills, and he comes up with ten difficult chess games,secondary containment pallet, he still has a chance to win. Is it just poetry? At this point, Su Jijiu's face became cautious. Several of Wang Hua's poems are good poems, but his poems are not many. This thing is not like composing music. Among the ten great families, there are many gifted scholars, and there are many excellent poems that have not been published. If we put these poems together, we can choose ten of the best poems. Wang Hua may not win five songs. It's a little difficult, unless every one of his songs is "Weicheng Song" or "Yan Ge Xing". Wu Zetian said that he also shook his head, such a poem in a person's life only wrote three or four enough to be famous in the poetry world, and still continue to come to ten more! Still a boy of sixteen! Su Jijiu gave a wry smile and said, "The most difficult thing is the following articles. Apart from those inscriptions,plastic pallet crates, he seldom writes any articles specially. But I also paid attention to them in the exam. Of course, the articles can also be written in clusters.". With this article, the imperial examination can also look down on the top of the list, but the literati who compete in the world, I dare to say that the victory is very small. Wu Zetian was also depressed when she heard this. Just as Su Jijiu's analysis, this competition was set up by Wang Hua, and the condition was put forward by Wang Hua, who had the advantage. Although he did not ask the other side for a bet, once the seven surnames lost the fight, he lost face. It was thrown into the big food! This will be a cruel blow to the seven surnames. Also Wu Zetian needs, the seven surnames and ten families take up too much resources, such as land, wealth, sometimes affecting the normal operation of the court, so whether it is Li Tang, or Wu Zhou, the seven surnames and ten families do not hold a real good impression. Wu Zetian, in particular, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, tried hard to use people from poor families, but it was useless. There were still many talented people from these big families. Finally, she had to use people with seven surnames and ten families, or people who were involved with them, such as Li Gou, Zhang Xi, Zheng Gao, Cui Rong and Cui Xuanwei. But as Su Jijiu said, the little guy did not have a big chance of winning, and it would be better if he did not lose too much this time. But if it is a fiasco, it is in the flame of the seven surnames, so that the poor family shame, more depressed, this is the last thing Wu Zetian wants to see. This boy, this is to give me trouble, "Wu Zetian a face helpless, but still with a smile on her face.". How to say, the little guy is worthy of praise for his pride. Also very distressed, this storm caused a big, but also to the root of the ten. What is the most important thing in the ten schools? Reputation. Talented scholars come forth in large numbers. Scholarly family status. If you lose in making utensils, you will lose. After all, it's a small path. It doesn't matter. You can't lose here in any case. After thinking about it, he said to the eunuch beside him, who was also amused, "Go to Gong County immediately and call this troublesome child to Shendu. I want to see him." The eunuch led the order out. Wu Zetian said to Su Jijiu again, "You immediately block the news, especially that dog Lu. Put him in custody and don't announce it to the outside world." Su Jijiu also received the order to go down. But how can it be remedied in time now? As the saying goes, there is no first in literature and no second in martial arts. Wu Bi is the champion. If you win, you will be the champion. Wen, how can you compare? For example, in poetry, Li Bai personally said that Cui Hao's "Yellow Crane Tower" was the first, Wen Yiduo said that Lao Zhang's "Spring Flower River Moon Night" was the first, but later generations said that Li Bai's "Climbing Jinling Phoenix Terrace" and "Yellow Crane Tower" were tied for the first place, and that Du Fu's "Wangyue" and "Climbing High" were the first place, and others said that Gao Shi's "Yan Ge Xing" is the first. The Japanese and Koreans think that Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" is the first. Who is the first? Another example is music, like to hear the magnificent "Xiongjiujiu, high-spirited", good songs. Like elegant, hear "Spring Flowers River Moonlight Night", good song. I like to hear "Guangling San" in the ancient style, which is my favorite. But like hidden bitterness, hear "Han Palace Autumn Moon", squeak ah, the string plucks inexplicably, let a person upset, but they think the sound of the whine inside, is also good. In addition to chess, the same is true of painting, writing and calligraphy. Different people have different visions and different preferences, resulting in different results of evaluation. But Wang Hua shouted out, with the strength of one person to win the world, and still come to the ratio of all-rounder. Well, it doesn't seem to be a big deal now anyway. This time an atomic bomb was dropped over Luoyang. Wu Zetian couldn't stop it even if she wanted to, and the news spread faster than the tsunami. The sun had not yet set, and all the men, women, and children in the city of Luoyang knew about it. As for the people who spread it,plastic pallet containers, they also looked at each other. This thing is too awesome. More powerful than Pangu's creation of heaven and earth, and more powerful than Nuwa's mending the sky. As for those who are optimistic about Wang's paintings, there is almost no one.

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